On December 17th, RiskMonitor co-organized two lectures at the New Bulgarian University as part of its dissemination campaign and presented to the students the creative tools that the team has created. The lectures were of international students in the program Political Science, which is in English. The team selected this program in particular because most of the students who study there (70%+) are third-country nationals themselves.

The team presented INTEGRA project achievements to the students and showcased the website of the project. The students played the game The Unknown and brainstormed various options for creative awareness raising on integration issues. RiskMonitor provided to the Political Science department four decks (in Bulgarian and English) for the professors to give out and use in workshops, lectures and various events.  

The students shared their unique experience as third-country national students in Bulgaria and their plans for the future. They shared their ideas about how Sofia could become more friendly and easy to navigate by future foreign students.