On 9th of December RiskMonitor took stage at a screening of films from Kinomorphia Film Festival – a short fiction and documentary film festival based in Sofia, dedicated to showcase films that are dealing with important issues in today’s world. Kinomorphia organized a special charity screening of films, exploring the theme of emigration, borders and foreigners. The screening took place at Vlaykova Cinema which is the oldest running cinema theater in Sofia and is managed by the community center Anton Strashimirov.

Before the screening RiskMonitor took several minutes to talk to the audience about INTEGRA project and presented the creative tools it had developed. The team showcased the card game The Unknown to the audience and informed them that there are cards in the library, in the offices at Vlaykova center and also with the tea house.

Members of the community center were very interested in the game and asked for more copies in English and in Bulgarian as well. They regularly organize events with kids and grown-ups and the cards will be very interesting to them to play and learn through the game. In addition, the team left decks at the tea house, which occupies the entrance hall at the theater, so anyone could play over a cup of tea as well.