On the 15th of May 2018,  RiSSC conducted the first focus group of Integra project.

The focus group recorded the participation of the following participants:
            • Stefania Donegà – Councilor of Rubano City for the Social Policies.
            • Sara Moratti, social worker involved in the SPRAR Project.
            • Mauro Scappato, Employee of the social cooperative “Città Solare”, involved in the SPRAR Project.
            • Daria Fallido, social cooperative “Città Solare”.
            • Stefania Perin, Doctor and citizen of Rubano. 
            • Paolo Menallo , Associations “Storie e Vita” and “ACVR” of Rubano.
            • Muyumba Denis, Association “Faraja”.
           • Nicola Pellichero, President of the social cooperative “Nuovo Villaggio” of Rubano.
            • Teodora Nicolae, Cultural and Social Mediator.
            • Pierangelo Pelizzari, Director of Rubano’s library.
            • Enrico Maran, Chief of the Local Police of Rubano.

Nicola Capello of RiSSC led the focus group. He introduced the Integra project  and the first results of the desk research: he described demographics, specially explaining that 10% of the Rubano’s population is foreign.

The discussion of the participants focused on the four main themes: city vision, urban envoiremnet, social inclusion and participation of TCN and the attitudes towards TCN.

The participants took parts at the focus group proactively, sharing information, points of views, opinions and own personal experiences.

The project researchers have collected many useful information to develop an analysis of the local context and to recognize the measures that the local government must implement over the next years.

In the end of the event, RiSSC introduced to participants the Photovoice activity, inviting them to organize a common Photovoice intiative.