Debate is a great way of improving students’ critical thought, communication skills and knowledge in different areas. It also gives students an insight into how many public decisions are made.

INTEGRA project SDA team has developed a new student debate resource on topics related to migration and integration of third country nationals. It contains a debate plan, suggested activities and links to resources that will help teachers get their class talking. More specifically, the resource is designed to improve students’ reasoning and evidence, listening and response, and questioning skills, as well as to get them acquainted with the life and challenges migrants are facing.

Sofia Municipality presented to the media its renewed online health platform on October 11, 2019. The platform connects all municipal hospitals, centres for health diagnostics and consultations, laboratories, dentists, and allows users to schedule a medical exam, check out health institutions and doctors, check out what he/she is entitle to as a patient, what procedures are covered by National Healthcare Service, what vaccinations are due and other useful functionalities. For about a month now the platform is fully accessible in English as well, and so far out of the slightly over 20,000 registered users 2% are foreigners.

The broadening of functionalities and the English language access are of significant help to TCN in Sofia and will facilitate their access to health care and protection of their rights. We are proud that the INTEGRA project contributed to this important development!

This project is funded by the European Union’s Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund

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