As a part of project #INTEGRA, Centre for peace, nonviolence and human rights published a poem from Omar Khayyam (1048-1131).

Omar was born in Nishapur, Iran. He was a Persian mathematician, poet and astronomer.
Omar Khayyam (”Omar the tentmaker”) was a mathematician and astronomer, and worked at the royal court as astronomer. He was highly appreciated for his achievements in the field of algebra and geometry.

In 1077 he issued an important work that solved problems with the mathematics of Euclid, problems mathematicians in Europe managed to solve only 5-600 years later. From 1074 to 1079 Khayyam worked on a reform of the calendar system. The new system was used until 1925 in Persia (now Iran).

He is chiefly remembered for his poems, collected in Rabayat, even though now is believed that a large part of the 1,000 four-line stanzas cannot be attributed to him. Omar Khayyam's fame in the West came with the paraphrase by the British Edward Fitzgerald in 1859. Mankind Pleasure of life, life and destiny, realization of sin and moralization are among the topics which are included in the Rabayat.

Kosice Municipality based on the cooperation with Integra project has developed a special section on their municipal website devoted to providing information and services to TCNs. It intends to serve as an online resource centre for newcomers.

The new section of the Košice City website focuses on migrants living in Košice. It intends to serve as an online resource centre for newcomers. The multicultural City of Košice welcomes the thousands of visitors coming to Košice to see the sights, history, taste local cuisine, culture or sport. However, the statistics show that every year there are more and more foreigners settling down in Košice, who came here to work, study or due to the family or security reasons. They plan to stay in Košice for several years or for longer.

„Either you are foreign worker, entrepreneur, foreign student, foreigner participating in work-based training or in an exchange programme, whether you moved here for family or security reasons, after obtaining the residency you became part of Košice. Welcome to your new home!“

Here you will find information, which will help you find your way around the city. You will learn about the Košice offices and authorities responsible for various legal procedures or organizations promoting the integration of migrants and cohabitation of all people living in the city. You will also get to know about multicultural history of Košice and what the life is like for its minorities and migrants nowadays.“

The new section under in the „City of Košice“ website is the first online centre of its own in Košice region.

It includes several areas: arriving in Košice – facts and figures, Local government for migrants, Local governemt for persons granted international protection, I need to arrange, I need advice,
Cultural integration and Useful Library.

The new web site and the New Neighbor Welcome Kit aim to make the foreigners’ first weeks in the city easier

This project is funded by the European Union’s Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund

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