07.06.2019 - Centre for Peace – Osijek presents online information campaign “Learning languages”. The organization publishes pictures with simple words like “Hello”, “Thank you”, “Please” and “Goodbye” in Croatian and Arabic.

11.06.2019 – Sofia Development Association organizes INTEGRA Day in Brussels. The policy briefing is hosted by the European Committee of the Regions. All INTEGRA project partners’ present their experience, policy recommendations proposals for better TCN integration local, national and European policies and share the creative tools and information materials they have created. Representatives of the local government and stakeholders from Sofia, Prague, Rubano, Osijek and Kosice take part in event.

11.06.2019 – Sofia Development Association presents INTEGRA project at the event “Funding opportunities for integration and urban development possibilities” and exchanges knowledge, good practices and resources with stakeholders, participating in the event. The national seminar is held in Plovdiv and it is organized by the Bulgarian Council for Refugees and Migrants, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the Municipality of Plovdiv on the occasion of World Refugee Day.

13.06.2019 - Centre for Peace – Osijek presents online information campaign “Cooking recipes”. The recipes presented are from Arab countries like Barazek cookies and Hummus. Every recipe has step by step photo and description.

18.06.2019 – Centre for Peace – Osijek organizes photo exhibition “Create the Change” with the support of Breza Association and Red Cross on the World Refugee Day 2019. The exhibition displays photographs created in the framework of INTEGRA project.

20.06.2019 – Sofia Development Association conducts a broadcasting on Sofia university radio (Radio Alma Alter) – part 2. The topic of the conversation is “Employment - Third country nationals working in Bulgaria”.

20.06.2019 – 30.06.2019 – Sofia Development Association co-organizes regional campaign on the occasion of June 20th - the World Refugee Day, together with UNHCR, the Red Cross, the Bulgarian Council on Refugees and Migrants, Caritas Bulgaria and Sofia Municipality. The campaign includes various activities like an interactive exhibition, Sofia ombudsperson open house, dissemination of information materials to citizens at key locations. During this period SDA will be showing INTEGRA creative tool video and other video materials on the screens of Sofia tramways.

20.06.2019 - RiskMonitor gives a talk at a summer art residence and shows the video produced as a creative tool.

26.06.2019 - RiskMonitor organises a public event entitled „She has chosen Bulgaria“. The topics of women’s rights and women’s problems in Bulgaria are not adequately reflected in the media or often they are being silenced. Furthermore the topic of the rights and the challenges of migrant women is rarely being addressed. The event gives the floor first to the migrant women who have chosen to live in Bulgaria to share their experiences and together with experts on migration and human rights to discuss what if any policy changes and integration programmes need to be put in place that have a women's perspective.

26.06.2019 - ETP Slovakia presents current INTEGRA communication campaign activities at a public event for TCN, local influencers, art communities and people from public institutions organized by our partner NGO Milan Šimečka Foundation, held in Kosice. It is a networking event including discussions about TCN integration through culture (events, festivals, artistic presentations, exhibitions, etc.). TCN will be actively involved by presenting their needs, opinions and plans how to cooperate on joined events.

27.06.2019 – Integration Centre Prague
organizes a guided tour of SAPA (a centre of Vietnamese trade and culture) for elementary school students as a part of the INTEGRA campaign. The main aim of the event is to raise the students´ awareness about the third biggest TCN community living in the Czech Republic.

28.06.2019 - Centre for Peace – Osijek
presents interviews entitled “Immigrant story”. The immigrants present their reasons for leaving their home countries and they explain their reasons for choosing Osijek.

On the 28th of May, Integration Centre Prague in cooperation with the senator Hampl organized a vernissage of the PhotoVoice exhibition – Integration of Foreigners through the Eyes of Praguers in the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. The exhibition was accompanied by infographic posters and videos introducing the work of ICP as well as its partner organizations – InBáze, Organization for Aid to Refugees, Association for Integration and Migration and Counselling Centre for Integration. The vernisaage was opened by a speech by the senator himself, followed by the director of ICP Zdeněk Horváth and the INTEGRA project coordinator Veronika Spiegelová. The visitors, including city and state representatives also had a chance to hear one of the PhotoVoice authors, Elmira Borodiyenko, speak about her experience with the PhotoVoice project. After the formal introduction, the visitors could enjoy music performed by Aldana Duoraan, who played the traditional Yakutian instrument khomus, as well as taste some Syrian and Bosnian cuisine. At the end of the event, a guided tour of the Senate took place, which was a great opportunity for the TCN representatives in the audience to learn more about the history and functioning of the Czech Senate. The exhibition will stay in the vestibule of the Senate conference hall till June 10th and the hope is that it will help raise awareness about the issue of foreigners in Prague among the highest state representatives and politicians who pass through there. 

This project is funded by the European Union’s Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund

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