On November 9th , Sofia Development Association took part in the official establishment of the Association of Africans and Their Friends in Bulgaria (AAFB). At the event the current and the future activities of the newly set up association were presented. AAFB aims to provide mutual assistance of its members, to strengthen the relationships between them and the host society, and to support their full-right participation in the local life.

The organization will be working on the integration of its members through different activities such as intercultural exchanges, concerts, travelling and cultural events. INTEGRA team welcomed the Association and presented a part of the project achievements relevant to the participants in the event. AAFB receives support from SDA and both organizations will continue to cooperate in the future for better integration of third-country nationals.

On November 11th, RiskMonitor co-organized a round table with the Student Club at the Political Science department at Sofia University and presented to the students the project INTEGRA and the creative tools developed. The Political Science student club is one of the liveliest places in Sofia University for discussions about serious issues in Bulgarian society and beyond and for interactions among the students. The central theme of the round table was Brexit and the future of borders, which is fitting to the theme of the cards game The Unknown – the latest creative tool developed by RiskMonitor.

Before the panels, the RiskMonitor team gave more information about the project INTEGRA and its results. RiskMonitor gave out several decks of cards to the club and explained to them how it is played and how it can be used for the purposes of the club. Members of the club inquired more about the project and a discussion about the political implications that the presence of migrants from non-European countries has on Bulgarian society was led. They took interest in the game The Unknown as a tool to discuss the ways in which a migrant can realize himself in a foreign country and how these ways can be stimulated (or hindered in closed societies) through politics.

This project is funded by the European Union’s Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund

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