On the 14th of November, Integration Centre Prague published the final episode of the podcast mini-series Salad Bowl of Prague: Voices about foreigners living in Prague. After introducing the 4 main protagonists - Juanita of Indonesian origin, Sonam from Tibet, Mimi from Vietnam and Biljana, Bojan and Zlatko from Serbia and Macedonia, the 5th and final episode focused on the authors of the series - Petr Bouška, the main creator of the podcast, and Veronika Spiegelová and Jekaterina Gazukina from ICP who coordinated the whole project.

Petr shared his experience with making the podcast and working with and getting to know the protagonists. He expressed that the whole process was very inspiration and enriching for him and that he is really happy about the variety of stories covered in the series. In his own words:

“I am happy we could show that there are many reasons for migration, it doesn´t always have to be about fleeing war and desperation, but migration can also be motivated by a simple desire for adventure. I was impressed by the protagonists´ willingness to share their deep personal stories and their experience reminded me again, how lucky I am to live where I live and how grateful I should be for all that I have.” 

Veronika and Jekaterina revealed more about the INTEGRA project, as a part of which the series was created, as well as the whole concept of Salad Bowl which refers to the cultural model of society, where people of many different cultures combine like a salad as opposed to the traditional notion of the melting pot. Instead of becoming a homogenous matter, they maintain their cultural specificity and live together in mutual respect and harmony, enriching one another. They expressed their hope for the series to help raise awareness of the Czech majority about the presence of foreigners in Prague and the different stories and fates they carry, hopefully also strengthening their empathy towards their foreign co-citizens.
Jekaterina, along with Sonam also got a chance to promote the whole series as Radio Wave, that invited them to their popular radio program On Air.

The whole series can be listened to in Czech at the podcast website: https://saladbowlofprague.cz/voices/ as well as on podcast platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Google podcasts or Youtube.

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This project is funded by the European Union’s Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund

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