On 27th of November RiskMonitor distributed their newest creative tool - the card game The Unknown to one of the key cultural social spaces in Sofia - The Sofia Literature and Translation House.

The house is used for various cultural events, workshops, lectures, professional exchange and as a space which international artist can use as art residence while they work in Bulgaria. Many of these residents are from non-European countries themselves. The house is working with many young students, artists and translators as well as with kids, teaching them creative writing and offering them summer schools and mentoring.

According to Yana Genova, the director of the foundation, “The Unknown” will fit very well with the various activities that The Sofia Literature and Translation House is organizing. She was very happy to receive several decks of the game in Bulgarian and in English and confirmed that they will be used during events with Bulgarian and foreign participants.

Our INTEGRA 2020 migrant integration cause calendar is now available for free download in English and in Bulgarian. Let it inspire you to incorporate in your organisation’s plan some of the cause awareness days, or some of the motivational ideas. Share it with your colleagues and stakeholders to trigged action. There are so many special days to remember! There are all those times when you lose your motivation and keen interest to be a driver of change! Do not worry. Now that you start working on your New Year’s resolution, it is time to set your sight on some other important opportunities to take action. And every day in 2020 when you look at the INTEGRA migrant integration calendar, be reminded you are not alone, and we together should take responsibility for the dignity, safety and before future for all. The calendar is produced by SDA INTEGRA project team.

This project is funded by the European Union’s Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund

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