Integra project, which Risk Monitor Foundation is jointly implementing with six other institutions from Bulgaria, Italy, Slovakia, Croatia and the Czech Republic, found new supporters during the conference “Europe in the wake of the EP elections: perspectives, risks and Russian propaganda” held at New Bulgarian University on March 27, 2019. A wide range of topics related to the Euroscepticism, the democracy deficit and the low voter turnout, which each EU member state is currently facing with, have been discussed during the different conference panels. The migration crisis has been highlighted as one of the factors that triggered the rise of the Euroscepticism. Integra project, whose philosophy steps on the need of building an environment for strategic and city integration of third country nationals, has been presented as an example of searching for sustainable solution for urgent migration issues. It has been stressed out that the availability of adequate integration policy framework, designed in a way to fit the features of the environment, would act as a solution to overcome the continuous perception of migration as a threatening, the sovereignty of each member state, social-political phenomenon.