In April 2019, ETP Slovakia introduced four infographics presenting data about TCN living in Košice: number of TCN, their age, sex and most frequent reasons of coming to Košice, number of temporary and permanent residences issued, number of working permits issued by Labour office to TCN and list of countries, from which most TCN come to the city of Kosice. Infographics also showed the trend covering the last 4 years and how the numbers changed. However, the graphic design of four posters was inspired by four stories of TCN, who found a new home in Košice. There are always real people behind any statistics and numbers.

Posters were presented online and also as printed ones. ETP Slovakia created a mini-series consisting of 5 short summaries: the history of multicultural Košice, the presence of TCN, reasons for coming, working TCN and studying TCN. These were published on social networks during April and May and so far have reached more than 2300 people and 200 engagements.

More than 200 printed posters were distributed to public offices in Košice (e.g. Municipality Office, Košice Self-governing Region Office, Migration Office), cultural spots (cinema, local culture centers, bookstores/cafes), libraries, universities, information centers, premises of NGOs working with TCN and there is a plan to publish them also in public transport vehicles.

By posters, ETP Slovakia aimed to spread awareness regarding relevant facts about TCN presence in Košice and by publishing names and quotations of individuals they pointed out the importance of integration.