On April 29th 2019, Centre for Peace, nonviolence and human rights presented INTEGRA project within the study tour ˝Peace is in our hands˝, Peacebuilding school forum which was led in Osijek, Croatia. Centre for Peace emphasized the importance of Integration in sustainable peace processes by giving specific examples from their practice and shared their experience in the field of TCN integration.

The forum Peacebuilding brings together all schools that pay particular attention to peacebuilding as one of the highest values of constitutional order of Republic of Croatia as well as all other organisations and institutions that want to support the peacebuilding processes in school communities.

The point of Peacebuilding school forum is to connect schools with other educational institutions and organisations that work on peace building, local and regional self-administrations which promote culture. The forum also establishes a connection between the schools and experts from peacebuilding area to promote and evolve their own peace potentials. “Peace is in our hands” advocates culture, development and peacebuilding through education and cooperation and Centre for Peace supports their initiative.