01.09.2019 – 15.09.2019 - Integration Centre Prague publishes a collection of 4 zines, based on the PhotoVoice project. Each of the zine will introduce one of the PhotoVoice authors, along with photos and comments expressing their views and experience with integration in Prague. The zines will also include a QR code referring to the PhotoVoice microsite, which will be launched alongside of them. The microsite is a digitalized version of the audio-visual PhotoVoice exhibition “Integration of Foreigners through the Eyes of Praguers” and includes audio interviews with selected PhotoVoice participants.

01.09.2019 – 30.09.2019 - ETP Slovakia – Centre for Sustainable Development works on the development of the new online city portal focusing on foreigners. The portal will include all important information about the city, official procedures, institutions, integration activities, etc. The development of the portal will be held in partnership with the Kosice Municipality Office.

01.09.2019 – 30.09.2019 - ETP Slovakia – Centre for Sustainable Development creates a second illustrated map, which would be in line with the online portal they are working on. The map will serve offline as a basic orientation for TCN newcomers. It will include map of the city with all institutions relevant to TCN when undergoing the legal and administrative procedures, NGOs providing councelling to TCN, language schools, embassies, interesting places where TCN use to gather, short basic dictionary, etc. The map will be available for free e.g. at the Foreign Police Office, which is usually the first office visited by TCN.

04.09.2019 - Centre for Peace – Osijek presents a part of the campaign “Comic book - same words”: a comic book which shows similarities of Arab and Croatian language. Even though Croatian and Arab people do not speak the same language there are some words that have the same origin. Showing those similarities is an effective way of communication with different populations.

05.09.2019 - Sofia Development Association hosts and coorganizes an information session jointly with Caritas Bulgaria and the AMIF supported project - through the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior - they implement entitled “Complex integration support for legally residing TCN”. Other partner institutions and organisations also take part, including the State Agency for Refugees, UNHCR, Border Police, NGOs and community organisations. Sofia Development Association presents the INTEGRA creative tools and information resources as well as achievements and results in support of TCN.

10.09.2019 – 15.09.2019 – Sofia Development Association
joins the network of the ARTEM project, funded by the Erasmus+ program and coordinated by Pistes Solidaires, France. During the project SDA resepresentative will present the INTEGRA approach for city-to-city cooperation and local integration initiatives. Representatives of the Bulgarian partner in ARTEM – Catro Bulgaria, the State Agency for Refugees and Caritas – Sofia, will also participate in the training.

10.09.2019 - Integration Centre Prague presents INTEGRA campaign at the Regional Advisory Platform, uniting all relevant actors in the field of integration in Prague, including the public authorities. The participants will also be introduced to the conclusions and outputs of the INTEGRA day in Brussels.

11.09.2019 - Integration Centre Prague organizes another one of the INTEGRA-day event series. As a part of the “Day of Health and Equal Opportunities” at Prague 22, ICP will hold two lectures on the topic of Syrian and refugees for local students. At the event, ICP will also share information on the INTEGRA project and campaign outputs, including the PhotoVoice zines and part of the PhotoVoice exhibition.

12.09.2019 - Centre for Peace – Osijek presents a part of their campaign “Famous Immigrants” campaign. The campaign consists of reminders of famous immigrants and their contributions to their new countries.

14.09.2019 – RiskMonitor takes part in the event “Human library Migration in the framework of NIGHT 2019 Plovdiv”, which is organized by UNHCR Bulgaria, CVS and Motif, where INTEGRA project will be presented.

16.09.2019 – Sofia Development Association organizes an informational meeting about the financial programs of Sofia Municipality. The main purpose of the event the conditions for financing, the targets and the procedures of programs such as Culture, Europe, youth and volunteering activities to be presented in front of TCN and their organizations. This way they will have access to public financing more easily. 

20.09.2019 - Centre for Peace – Osijek publishes a slide of their „Learning words“ campaign which main purpose is to show basic words in several languages. Simple expressions such as “good morning”.

26.09.2019 - Centre for Peace – Osijek makes a Quiz consisting of simple questions in online form or applications (Survay Monkey or Google form). For example “What is domain name for Syria?”

27.09.2019 – RISSC Rubano meets the Boy Scouts of Rubano. The Boy Scouts is an organization that aims to develop in young boys skills such as good civil and chivalrous behaviour, and skills in various outdoor activities.