03.10.2019 – Research Centre on Security and Crime Rubano (RISSC) meets the Mayor of Rubano and the media to launch the Integra days in a press conference. The INTEGRA DAYS are an initiative organised by RISSC in cooperation with the local authorities and taking place in Rubano (Padua), developed in the framework of the INTEGRA Project. The aim is to give visibility to the work of on-site study and assessment implemented throughout the project activities with specific regards to the integration practices in place at a local level. Several public events will contribute at increasing awareness about the importance of social inclusion and will be an opportunity for discussion, mutual understanding and integration

04.10.2019 – Research Centre on Security and Crime Rubano (RISSC) organizes Integra Days in Rubano and plays the movie "For a Son" - Sunita, a middle-aged Sri Lankan woman, lives with her teenage son on the outskirts of a northern Italian city where she works as a caregiver. The relationship between mother and son is fraught with tension and silence. Having grown up in Italy, the boy is a cultural hybrid his mother struggles to understand, as she fights to live in a country to which she does not want to belong.

06.10.2019 – Research Centre on Security and Crime Rubano (RISSC) along with City of Rubano – Gruppo Corte organizes Integra Days. In a public space (Giardini di Viale Po), there will be a festival with debates, shows, music, activities for kids. During the event, more than 70 young foreigners will receive the "honorary citizenship" from the Mayor of Rubano for attending the Itailan schools for more than 5 years.

07.10.2019 – Centre for Peace - Osijek presents a part of their online campaign “Quotation” - quotes by well-known writers and philosophers. Production of viral material with suitable pictures and quotations.

10.10.2019 - Integration Centre Prague launches a podcast mini-series: Salad Bowl of Prague: Voices – The Stories of Foreigners who enrich Prague. The series will introduce the stories of 6 foreigners who live and run interesting businesses in Prague: Juanita from Indonesia, Sonam from Tibet, Mimi from Vietnam and Bojan, Biljana and Zlatko from Serbia and Macedonia. In 4 episodes, they will share their experience with migration and integration into the Czech society as well as introduce the places they have established and run. The individual episodes will be published weekly at: http://saladbowlofprague.cz/voices and promoted mainly through social media. The official public launch of the podcast series will take place as a part of the Open Doors event at ICP. At the event, the main protagonists will take part in a panel discussion where they will share their experience with living in Prague as well as being a part of podcast series. The discussion will be followed by an after-party which will include catering prepared by the protagonists as well as music performed by Miran, a Kurdish singer from Syria.

11.10.2019 – Sofia Municipality presents to the media its renewed online health platform. The broadening of functionalities and the English language access are of significant help to TCN in Sofia and will facilitate their access to health care and protection of their rights. Integra project contributed to the development of the platform and representatives of SDA will be present at its launching.

11.10.2019 - Research Centre on Security and Crime Rubano (RISSC) organizes Integra Days in Rubano and a Short Film Festival -"L'integrazione non fa notizia" - a series of short movies creted by the Kinocchio Lab. The film maker Marco Fantacuzzi will be presenting the short movies, made in Veneto - Italy. The Kinocchio Lb is a project born in 2009 to link joung filmmakers with affirmed authors. More at https://kinocchio.com/

12.10.2019 -14.10.2019 - ETP Slovakia - Centre for Sustainable Development and Integration Centre Prague organize a workshop, which will be held on in Košice. The workshop will present good practice and experience with the integration of foreigners in Prague and the possible transfer of this experience to Košice. Workshop will be attended by employees of Košice Municipality Office, Office of the Košice Self-governing Region and representatives of NGOs working with migrants. Partners from Prague will visit also the Soup Festival - one of the favourite events connecting various minorities and communities in Košice
16.10.2019 - Centre for Peace Osijek presents a part of their online campaign “Architecture and History” - old civilisations from immigrants area through architecture and history. Production of viral material with suitable photo of architectural structure and description with historic info.

23.10.2019 – Sofia Development Association will held a meeting with Mr. Ion Hoaseter - Deputy Representative of the United Nations for Central Europe and Ms. Walaa Anu Garbie - Regional Planning Advisor. The aim of the meeting is to discuss and plan activities on Refugee Integration in 2020 and forth.

24.10.2019 - Centre for Peace -Osijek presents a part of their online campaign “Infographic” – showing different interesting data compared in simple, colourful way. Production of creative viral material.

26.10.2019 – Sofia Development Association takes part in the ceremony of the official establishment of the Association of the Africans and their sympathizers in Bulgaria.