The board game, The UnKnown, is the new creative tool, produced by RiskMonitor Foundation as part of the INTEGRA information and awareness raising campaign. The game, available in hard copy and electronic version, is suitable for players of various ages. The UnKnown will challenge the players' knowledge and thinking of diversity in a fun and engaging way: even though we may recognize the faces of famous scientists, writers, innovators, athletes, and movie stars, there is much that remains hidden and unknown about them. Players will be surprised to learn how many of the famous persons included in the game have been forced to flee their home because of war or persecution, how many of them are second generation migrants, and how many have been inspired to become advocates and defenders of human rights.

The game can be used in formal and informal learning settings, by teachers and counselors from elementary, middle and high school to generate classroom discussions about migration, the refugee crisis, prejudices and stereotypes. The game is suitable also for social workers and professionals working with migrant and refugee children, and could be adapted to aid learners of Bulgarian language. The rules of the game can be modified to fit the specific learning objectives of the users.