On the 7th of June, Integration Centre Prague organized first info meeting for PhotoVoice – another activity of the INTEGRA project, during which Czechs and foreigners living in Prague get a chance to express how they see and experience integration through photos. The meeting was attended by 10 participants representing both Czech and migrant communities, including representatives of the NGO sector as well as city administration.

Since then, the group of participants grew by 10 new members with whom we held additional individual meetings. We are happy to have found a diverse group of interesting people who have shown great enthusiasm and motivation for the project. Some of them have already sent in great photos and we are excited to see other results of the project.

The deadline for submitting the photos is the end of July and during August, we plan to organize a final meeting for all the participants, where they will get a chance to meet each other, share the results of their work, and discuss both positive and negative aspects of integration identified in the photos. Selected photos will be used for an exhibition and promo materials as a part of the INTEGRA campaign organized in 2019...

The second focus group was held in Sofia on June 7 as part of the INTEGRA project. RiskMonitor was hosting the meeting with nine representatives of Sofia municipality, Sofia municipal council, state institutions and universities. Participants shared their views on the current situation of the third-country nationals (TCN) in Sofia and in the country. Discussion topics included availability of information and statistics about the number and the needs of different TCN groups, existing policies and city/community actions implemented, attitudes of the host society towards integration, as well as ideas for improvement of the current situation.

Recommended measures to Sofia municipality include creation of an information center, on-line platform, phone application with information about jobs availability, housing, legal issues, cultural events, etc. The focus group members highlighted the need of more coherent and consistent municipal policy and coordination and collaboration with all relevant institutions and NGOs, working with TCN.  

This project is funded by the European Union’s Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund

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