RiSSC has aimed to realize an Italian Stakeholders Integration Group composted by people directly or indirectly involved in the implemplementation of integration policies on the Rubano territory and able to support the project’s activities, sharing knowledges, expertises and opinions.

RiSSC has chosen four people that represent the Rubano’s Local Government, the NGO in charge of the SPRAR Project, a NGO involved in the indirectly in integration of TCN in Rubano and an asylum seeker engaged to increase the integration process in Rubano.

The members of the Italian Stakehoder Integration Group are:

Stefania Donegà, Councilor for Social Policies of the Municipality of Rubano.
She has driven the implementation of the project named “Protection System for Asylum Seekers and Refugees” (SPRAR) in Rubano (http://www.sprar.it). Thanks to the support of the cooperative that manages the SPRAR service the city of Rubano has increased the direct knowledge between the citizens and the immigrants. In recent months she's evaluating with other municipal administration how to work together to resolve the problems and the critical issues related to the integration.

Maurizio Trabuio,President of social cooperative Città Solare, involved in the SPRAR Project.  
He holds a degree in Political Science at the University of Milan.
Since 1988 he has managed local social issues and helped people in difficulty through volunteer work for immigrants, homeless people, long-term unemployed and abused women.
In 1993 he founded the social cooperative “Nuovo Villaggio" (http://www.nuovovillaggio.org) , in 1997 the social cooperative "Città Solare" and he became a social entrepreneur.
He is currently President of the Città Solare Cooperative which offers housing services, support for entry into employment, reception of asylum seekers and refugees with the management of 11 housing structures and 4 SPRAR structures, one of them in the Municipality of Rubano.

Emmanuel Adolf Ajilloh, asylum seeker from Nigeria.
He was born in Nigeria in Nud, 36 years ago. In Nigeria he graduated in Political Science and Administration at the University of Porthacourt. He worked in the military strategy at the Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA). He arrived in Italy in 2015. He is an asylum seeker and is a guest of the Social Cooperative Città So.la.re. of Rubano. For two years he worked as a cultural mediator and operator at the F.A.I. of Padua.

Giampaolo Peccolo, Professor at the University of Bologna since 1999, and director of the Europroject Design Center at Venice International University since 1997.
Coordinator of several Erasmus and Interreg European Projects.
President of USMA, sport club working in Padua and other 3 neighbouring municipalities (including Rubano), since 2013.

Over 30 participants took part in the first Sofia Integration Audit, held in the framework of INTEGRA project funded by EC’s Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund. Participants - representatives of Sofia Municipality, NGOs, third country nationals, law enforcement institutions, academia and schools - conducted a self-assessment of Sofia practices to integrate third country nationals and migrants. On May 16, 2018, in small groups, they toured the city and visited neighbourhoods where migrants gather, live and work, to assess the migrant friendly urban features and the missing, or inefficient integration policies of Sofia. Two instruments were used: checklists and photovoice - documenting achievements and shortages with digital photos. The photos and the comments to them can be seen in the Photovoice menu. The findings of the photovoice and checklists, together with desk research and focus group results, will be incorporated in Sofia City Integration Audit Report later this year.

This project is funded by the European Union’s Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund

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