To be able to engage the community in effective Sofia integration policy assessment and agenda setting, Sofia Development Association and RiskMonitor Foundation invited representatives of local government and institutions, NGOs and community organizations to establish a city Stakeholder Integration Group. It will participate in INTEGRA project decision-making and participatory activities and guarantee the quality and relevance of the project findings by tapping into local knowledge, reducing conflict and confidence building.

The integration group includes prof. Anna Krasteva, Center for European Refugee, Migrant and Ethnic Studies; Miryana Malamin- Siriyski, expert with Sofia Municipal Council Committee on Culture, Education and Diversity; Angel Gyorev, Caritas; Nadya Obretenova, Bulgarian National Television; Solomon Bali, B’nai B’rith; Panayot Chafkarov, MultiCulti Collective; Costanza Ivanova and Lilyana Sabeva, Sofia Municipality.

The City Audit Toolkit offers practical, tested guidance and inspiration to help cities to assess their progress in key areas of third country nationals and migrant integration. The toolkit is designed primarily for people working in local authorities. It contains methodologies for a series of participatory, multi-stakeholder activities like focus groups, photovoice, city integration checklist, aiming to provide a current picture of the city’s main success and challenges to integration, and to indicate concrete issues to be addressed. The toolkit is ready to be shared and adapted by the diverse range of actors and people that want to make their cities more integrating and inclusive. 

This project is funded by the European Union’s Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund

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